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    Hey there Danger,

    I'm back. That tetchy Sygate has just gone AWOL again!!!!!

    I was in Webshots which I haven't visited for a while as been away. Wonder if it is something to do with that???

    Is yours still hanging in there since we last discussed the 'thing'


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    Opps, sorry Katydid, haven't been able to get here lately and its now 1.00am and catching up on posts.
    Mine has been playing up after a reboot on occasions when I have closed it down manually before hand (for gaming or what have you). It hasn't loaded on the reboot sometimes, but thankfully I have been able to restart it via the shortcut I have in my Security folder. Something happend a few weeks back that led me to believe it was actually running even tho the Icon wasn't displayed, (can,t remember what that happening was now) So it may be worth checking with the Task Monitor next time the Icon doesnt show.
    Have you been able to get it back since your post? I think that sometimes mine doesn't show the Icon after logging off and logging back on as well. I must pay more attention in future, but I haven't had to download it again. Incidently, I now keep the EXE setup files in a folder and on a CD so If I do have to download again it will be a relatively quick and pain free task.
    I still find it so easy to use that I am prepared to put up with its naughtiness on occasions

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