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    J ZEP

    Default XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    Hi all, I haven't checked in for just about a week as I've been ill, and had no puter for a few days . So hope everyones feeling better than i have been :-)

    O.k well we have brought the new pc for our 11&1/2yr old godson (re previous thread). And I started the setting up process today, it has XP Pro on - Main thing i have come across is I wanted him to have a limited account(non-admin) so he couldn't do any damage fiddling around and leave the admin. acc. for his Mum to oversea. I thought with all the added permissions etc. in xp pro it would be easy!!
    But the part I am having trouble with is allowing him access for his non.admin acc. so he can play his Games, I know there must be a way to set it up so I can allow or give permission to specific programs (I have been using XP home, but am changing to pro too, with my new specs/upgrade which is getting done at the shop now).
    I can't seem to find a simple way of basically giving him access to programs without changing his user status - and which one has the lowest rights? I am sure this will be simple for alot of you out there!!!!
    Any help greatly appreciated!!!
    P.S I have tried adding folders to shared and this did work for 2 games, but i know there is another way around this but just can't seem to suss it in the "computer management" how to actually allow him access to certain programs - And as for running under different credentials, well thats pointless cause he needs the admin password to run under her creds.??????

    So Please any help appreciated - basically how do i give a non- admin account permissions for certain programs is what i need to know????!!

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    Now this is as far as i get: I click on the Folder (containing the game) then - properties - Security Tab - Click on "Users" out of list (which according to computer management is the group he is in) - Then click on - Add - which brings up a dialogue box called " Select users or Groups" - and it is here i don't really know what to do???? - In the "enter the object names to select" part of the dialogue box. I typed his name and did check name or something and it looked like it was working, but no!!!!
    Still get you must have admin rights to use this when trying in his account!! Am i going totally the wrong way about this??? Please any ideas????

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    Stumped Badly

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    I'm sure the latest PC World had an article on this very subject.
    Can't find it online so you might have to go out & grab a copy.

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    Brilliant - Thanks heaps Stumped Badly - Just pulled out my copy (which i haven't read yet) and found the article you were talking about - hows that eh, its even written by Robo too!!! So lets hope it works on XP pro.
    Will try it first thing in the morning as my partner is now "Testing" our Godsons new games for him on that pc - lol. Thank again SB :-)

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    O.K well i have tried Robos technique from PC world mag but it is not a go, I still get the message "access denied - you need admin. rights to run this program" ( I had a feeling that wouldn't work, i think Robos way would work if it was 2 admin accounts but the prob is i have a non admin account). So has anybody got anymore ideas on how to grant permissions for programs to a non admin account????? I think i am missing something simple ?:| Please, please any help would be appreciated as i have checked the ms k.b and seem to be doing what is supposed to be done?????? Thanks in advance :-)
    I need somebody like Babe (xp pro. guru ;-) ) - as i am sure he has covered this kind of thing before, but i just can't find it!!!!

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    Babe Ruth

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs


    If you are running Windows XP PRO you need to add the user account to the POWER USERS group (like a mini-admin type of user).

    To do this you need to run the Computer Management (CM) console from an Administrator account... one way of doing this is START | RUN and in the run box type %SystemRoot%\system32\compmgmt.msc /s

    From within CM click on (left pane) the System Tools | Local Users and Groups | Groups option. In the right pane doubleclick on Power Users and within that click on ADD (the user(s)). In the dialogue that follows click ADVANCED and in the Select users dialogue click FIND NOW and select the username from the scrolldown list that you want and click OK and OK again and OK again to finally get back to the CM window, which you can now close. That may do the trick for you... post back if you need any more help...

    Cheers, Babe.

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    Excellent Babe, thanks for that :-) Before I do this i just wanted to be clear on something: If i add him to the "power users" group will that give him any more rights apart from allowing him to use the programs i set up as allowing him to???? Because as I said earlier i really don't want him to be able to tinker with any system settings i.e like in a non- admin account. (being a kid they tend to tinker or accidently do things, so I don't want to risk it). Thanks again and i will read up on "power users" again. Thanks :-)

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: XP pro & non admin user - needing access to programs

    Solved it!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!! The "Power user" change didn't allow access either. So i deceided to sit back and reacess the whole thing as its been driving me nuts since yesterday - I remembered having a similar thing when we first got xp home ed. and a printer prob of being installed on the first account and only having access on that account (first one set up) - which got me thinking it seemed like it only wanted access allowed on the account the games were installed in/on. So........ I changed the admin account that had access to the games to our godsons account and vice versa but then made the change of making it a non admin account - and bravo the non admin account now has access to all the games - basically cause it is now the account they were installed on - CRAZY!!!!!! So I would say here, a lesson learnt for this kind of setup is that: if you want your kids to have access to games on the non admin account (in theory) change their accont to an admin acc. and install on it, then change the account back to a non admin acc. Make sense, Probably not but i think it will work this way.
    But I am pleased i sorted it out myself - made me feel a bit better

    Babe - thanks again for the help and suggestion and it appears from what i have read Power users don't quite have the rights of a admin acc. - which ideally is what i wanted. No doubt you would have suggested what i did next anyway ;-)

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