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    I have a Toshiba 2520 CDS laptop. It's screen has gone blank. If you look very hard you can see the outline of windows desktop. What I need to know can anyone tell me if I have a blown screen or is there some setting somewhere in the BIOS or else where that is causing the screen to go so dim that it looks blank

    Thank You

    Geoff W :-)

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    Laptops have a backlight behind the screen.

    Sounds like your back-light is a back-dark now though.

    You could try for a quote, but its a few years old now, so prepare to be disappointed?

    It will still work fine with an external monitor as a desktop.

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    Thanks Godfather. Are these backlights easy to replace and easy got.

    Geoff W :-)

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    No, they are probably a plasma panel, nothing as simple as a bulb.

    If its not something simple (and it still could be) then its often not viable to fix, as replacements are sometimes more than the computer value.

    I would definitely get a quote though (and you would probably have to pay to get a quote)

    If it stopped suddenly, its more likely to be an electronic fault, but that not necessarily good news either.

    Many laptop manufacturers won't sell backlights separately, you have to buy the whole screen. I am unaware if anyone repairs them in NZ. They do in the US. Screens are not transferrable between different laptops either, needs to be the exact model.

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