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Thread: Power supply.

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    Default Power supply.

    I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU from a duron 900mhz, to a amd xp 1700.
    I was wondering, do i need to upgrade my Power supply as well?
    I think i have 200w (is there a program tht can tell u? or will i have to pop the case?)
    will this be enough for an AMD 1700XP?
    i have 2 cdroms (1 cdrom, 1 cdrw) 1 floppy, 2 stiks of ram, agp card, 2 pci cards conneceted (in case u need to no)
    thanks in advacnce

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    pull the lid off the case and take a look. odds are you will need to upgrade to a 300watt. however a GOOD 250watt may do the job ok(ie an elcheapo 250 won't work to well).

    while you have the lid off check what motherboard you have as it may not support an XP1700 (and check the chipset as some early ones don't work well with XP's even tho they will run)

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    You should be able to check just by looking on the back of it. As long as you're not running the monitor through it, you should be okay. I've run a whole lot more, but it ended up dying and wrecking the HDD, so if you're worried, while doing a CPU upgrade, a new PSU will only cost and extra $50 at most I'd assume..
    You should be safe though, provided there's no monitor running from the PSU.

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    Oops, Missed the statement about the CDRW, That'd use a fair wack more, I'd suggest you do an upgrade seeing as there's a writer in there. Worth the extra precaution to be safe and sure its not gonna fail on you.

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    Hi Fergie. Have a look at the back of the case, it might tell you on the back of the Power Supply Unit (PSU). If not you'll have to open the case to see what it says. But it will say somewhere on the PSU.

    I would suggest that you will need 300w as a minimum. A new PSU can cost well over $100, but you can get a new Case with a 300w PSU for a similar price.

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    ok, firstly thanks for fast replies.
    i checked M/B manual - has this in it:
    Supported CPU's:
    Athlon XP: 1500+~2000+, FSB 266mhz

    so i guess i'm safe there - aslo, another thing - its got 2000+, tht mean it can go above 2000?
    I'll have to check the website.

    and, i'll have alook at the PSU now - its under desk.

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    The AMD Athlon XP uses 2000+ as its Mhz rating, sorta comparing it to other proccessors to say "We can do the same stuff as a 2000+Mhz Chip". The Clock speed of that is about 1733 AFAIK, but it compares to at least a 2Ghz P4.
    That's what I've read recently at least, but I was proved wrong yesterday. You should be fine with your CPU upgrade, but I would advise a little research firstly "Just in case"!

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    > Supported CPU's: Athlon XP: 1500+~2000+, FSB 266mhz

    This indicates that you can install an Atlon XP 2000+ CPU. Perhaps even faster. If you can tell me the motherboard model I can check if you can go hogher. Pricespy shows XP 1700+ at $140 and XP 2000+ at $202, so if you can afford it go for the XP 2000+.

    That's what I'm using and it rocks!

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    i checker PSU
    its only 200w
    so i guess i'll need an upgrade there - min 300w i hear?
    any suggestions on where to buy from?
    Nothing wrong with used PSU's? (i'll have a look on trademe)

    Also, my monitor is powered separately.

    My M/B is a 'PC Chips" M830.
    heres a link:
    one thing thats not included there, is in the book...

    Supported CPU's:
    Athlon XP: 1500+~2000+ FSB 266mhz
    Athlon: 650mhz~ 1.4ghz FSB 200mhz-266mhz
    Duron: 550mhz - 1.3

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    Default Re: Power supply.

    also, another thing
    i've been looking round for PSU, what thes difference between "ball bearing" fans, an standard?
    do u need the ball bearing?

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