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    Default USB 2 & Software for CD writer

    To back up data from my laptop(Windows XP Home) & also for the desktop (Windows 98), I purchased an Iomega Predator external CD writer. It came with a USB 2 port card (for the desktop) and HotBurn, a bundled software.
    The software doesnt recognises CD-RW discs, but has no probs with CD-Rs.
    Two questions (1) is there a setting that I have missed in the set-up or recommend another software (2) Where should I look for reasonably priced USB 2 port adapter for the laptop.
    Thanks for your suggestions and time

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    Default Re: USB 2 & Software for CD writer

    DSE have a USB 2 cardbus adaptor for a laptop.


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    Susan B

    Default Re: USB 2 & Software for CD writer

    You might possibly be interested in this thread.

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