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    Default HP Pavilion 6318

    Help! I am trying to load Win98 on a HP Pavilion 6318, with a 6gb Hard drive and 160 mb ram.
    I can successfully get through the setup procedure, but when the system restarts itself and tries to set up devices, it cannot find a whole heap of .dll files and others which presumably comes from the Win98 CD.
    There are about 50 of these files that it cannot find.
    The destination for them is c:\windows\inf\catalog\nettrans and it looks for them in c:\windows\system\precopy although the CD is the D drive.
    It still doesn't find them when I change the C to a D.
    Has anybody experienced this before because I have never had this trouble when setting up Win98 on a non HP computer.

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    Steve Askew

    Default Re: HP Pavilion 6318

    Can you give us the names of a few of these missing files & ill have a lok through my win98 cd & see if they are there.

    Cheers Steve

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    Default Re: HP Pavilion 6318

    You using a recovery CD?

    If not, there's your trouble.

    If so, it's not working.


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    Default Re: HP Pavilion 6318

    These are some of the files that are missing.
    icmp.dll, ienpstub.dll, inetmibi.dll, msafd.dll, mswsosp.dll,, and many more which I believe should end up in c:\windows\system
    and...arp.exe, ftp.exe, hosts.sam, route.exe, etc which I believe should end up in c:\windows
    This is just a random sample. I am trying to set this machine up for a friend and I have found these files in these locations on my own machine.
    Thanks for your interest.

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    Steve Askew

    Default Re: HP Pavilion 6318

    Ok, icmp.dll is in the,ienpstub.dll is in the,msafd.dll is in the,mswsosp.dll is also in the
    This is the same on 98 &98SE.
    inetmibi.dll is not on the 98 & 98se discs

    some of the other files you metioned such as ftp.exe,route.exe, arp.exe & hosts.sam are located in the

    Perhaps your disc has a scratch or the cab file is somehow corrupt,
    I would suggest borrowing a disc & trying to install windows again.
    I have in stalled windows98 on a pavilion before & the only probs were the drivers, Most of the drivers can be found on the application cd.
    cheers Steve

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