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    Mandy Fisher

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    I have just been made redundant and need to get my CV together! Does anyone know of a website where I can find a good layout for a CV?

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    Look here

    This is a Google search on cv layout guide.

    Heaps of suggestions.

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    Oh ..and good luck!

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    Jen C

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    Some of the local employment websites also have hints and templates for creating CV's.

    You can even post your CV on the sites. Good luck! :-)


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    Hi Mandy,

    I've heard that the CVs that get the most attention, are the ones that don't have a generic or a common layout, but one you've designed yourself.

    My friend and I both went to (I think it was) and used the CV form on their to get all the right bits to include, then copied and pasted and set it out how we wanted.


    PS Good luck!

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    Good advice Mike. Create your own - templates suck.

    Here's my CV as a successful example


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    Mandy Fisher

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    That is a great CV SoniKalien, very impressed and starting to get enthusiastic about creating my own.

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    Just three little rules (from an experienced web designer)

    1) Keep it simple
    2) Keep it tidy
    3) Keep it short


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