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    Default ie page translation?

    Does anyone know if IE can translate every page it goes to, into English?

    I seem to get a lot of forign language pages in my google searches and they might be exatly what I want (well they came up for some reason!)

    XPhome, IE6

    Thank you...

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    Default Re: ie page translation?

    IE can't translate it, but there are pages on the net that can translate (not every language, but a few).

    Try [url]Babelfish[/url]

    or [url]Google Language Tools[/url]



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    Default Re: ie page translation?

    Thanks Mike, I have the Bable page in my favorites, but it's a bit laborious.
    I didn't know about the google page though, so i'll use that in future to cut the non english pages out...

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