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    is it possible to create a pdf from a Ulead Photo Impact (.ufo) file? or bitmap?

    I have done a page for my yearbook thats in ufo format (so i can edit lil' bits) if i save as a jpg it makes it so i cannot edit it and the image quality is slightly lower.

    If it is possible to make pdf's what is the best image type to make it from? using win98, Ulead Photo Impact Se & Acrobat Reader 5.0 if that helps at all



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    oops i think i just answered my own question...

    i signed up for a five doc trial on the adobe website

    sorry to waste the valuable space guys :P


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    But after 5 you are stuck. Try

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    Rod ger

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    One of the Open Source Office Suites can produce PDF's, and the price is right too.

    Trouble is, I can't remember which one!

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    On one of the PC World CD's there is a Program called "Jaws"
    It makes PDF files from any Windows program. It is very good.

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    > But after 5 you are stuck. Try

    I've used pdf995 before, however I find it conks out on very large files, (ones with lost of pictures in the 20+MB range (that’s the .pdf size not the pics)).

    Has anyone know of a good free .pdf print driver that can handle large .pdf without conking out?



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