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    I'm running 98se2 & have problems getting the soundcard to work properly. It worked fine last weekend, only using the computer to download emails 3 times last week. I have downloaded the latest driver from creative website. Uninstalled soundcard, rund norton windoctor to get rid of registry entries left behind ect. Re-installed the software, but still the mixer & speaker parts of the software fail to load their plugins. i have got a logitech webcam with built in mic that worked fine last week, this week the microphone wont work. it is selected in all the right places & when adjusting audio controls in netmeeting it shows sound is being detected when there is no sound to detect. Please help before i am commited to life for murdering a machine.



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    If you by chance have ZA installed, I had problems of a similar nature until I uninstalled ZA and replaced it with Sygate Personal Firewall. Strange but true.

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