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    I have an older computer, AMD K5, 32MB RAM, running Win98, the current mouse has a PS/2 plug which connects to a serial port via an adapter and runs OK but needs replacing.

    I recently purchased a cheap wheel mouse with PS/2 plug and plugged it in but on startup it comes up with "no mouse detected, plug mouse in etc".

    I thought the mouse was faulty so I took it back and got another, but same problem, I took that back and got a Genius Wheel mouse, but same problem. Am I to be stuck with my old mouse and never experience a wheel mouse?

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    Graham L

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    It might be an "older" computer but it's probably young enough to have a PS/2 mouse port. If it has, it's probably been disabled in the BIOS.
    Go into the BIOS setup. Look through for an option which enables the PS/2 mouse port. Then try the new mouse without the serial adaptor.

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    Peter H

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    Can't you use the new mouse with the adaptor & plug into same port that was OK.

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    not all ps2 mice will work with serial adaptors. you need to get a combo ps2/serial mouse.

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    Heather P

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    I had a rather frustrating experience with a PS2 wheel mouse a while back. Many bad words and much time later I discovered that my computer is allergic to the things. BIOS settings OK, plug is there but it Would Not Work!

    Posting my woes here found that I was not alone. A rare problem but it happens.

    I'm now running the PS2 wheel mouse on a 9 pin serial adaptor and it wheels away to it's heart's content. Problem solved.

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    I had this yesterday. Did 'add new hardware' from control panel and it worked after a restart.

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    You can get a cheap serial mouse from Warehouse Stationary. I have one as a back-up.


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    Heather J

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    I am running Win95, and needed a new mouse. Bought one just like this at TradeMe. Plugged into the serial port great, mind you when I first saw it I thought where are the screws!!!, but it plugged in fine. Came with disc and it loaded no problem, the mouse icon sits on the toolbar and moves it eyes when you use the mouse. If you delete the icon the mouse still works, but the scroll wheel does not. (I had previously tried a Ps/2 plugged into a serial plug, but computer did not recognise it).

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