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Thread: MS wks to Linux

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    Default MS wks to Linux

    Have W98 on one HD and Linux RH on another.The linux HD is pushed for room.Open Office org on W98 but no room on linux for it.
    Is there any easy way i can swap Ms works spread sheets or O Office ss to use on linux also without installing O Office.KDE is my linux dtop.

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    Graham L

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    Probably not. :_| You could delete the W98 --- that would leave lots of room for Linux

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    Nigel Thomson

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    there are a nuber of excel compatible ss for linux
    this link compares a few of them some of which are I believe stand alone
    and may be of use to you with the limited space available

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    I have the same problem. I found that the windows version of Openoffice runs quite well under WINE.

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