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    Default unwanted screensavers

    I have a number screensavers listed in my screensaver box which I would like to delete, but cannot find out how to get rid of them. Can you help with instructions on how to do it.


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    Jen C

    Default Re: unwanted screensavers

    Hi Walleroo2

    Screensavers have the extension .scr. The files can be found in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. There are a lot of important files in the SYSTEM folder you don't want to accidently delete, so the best way of removing them is by doing a search for all files using *.scr in the search field. Then delete the unwanted files from this list.

    If you have installed a screensaver program, you should be able to uninstall it through add/remove.


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    mark c

    Default Re: unwanted screensavers

    This comes into the 'cloudy crystal ball' category of post.
    I mean what OS are you using for starters?

    If you are running windows and are trying to delete the 'packaged' screensavers that came with your OS I doubt you can.

    And why would you want to delete them anyway? Just don't use them, use power management instead.

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    mark c

    Default Re: unwanted screensavers

    Uh? Didn't see Jen C's reply. Well done Jen C, much better.

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    Default Re: unwanted screensavers

    Search the c:\ drive for *.scr files (screensavers have the extension .scr) and delete the unwanted files.

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