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    Default win2000 pro - inbound connections

    Does anyone know how to increase the number of inbound connections into Win2000 Pro from the max of ten, to more - without having to resort to an upgrade to win2000 server?

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    Default Re: win2000 pro - inbound connections

    Do you mean for connection to Windows shares, or IIS or what?

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    Graham L

    Default Re: win2000 pro - inbound connections

    Judging by what MS did with NT 3.51 (?) their attitude is that "If you've got more than 10 clients, you can afford to buy the Server version (which is exactly the same code, but with one "hidden" number which allows more client sessions)." I think some people found where MS had hidden the number in NT3.51; perhaps it's better hidden in W2000.

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    Sorry JM brain no function at times.

    YEs sharing - have a database program that needs to be accessed by more than 10 people at one time, and of course it just ain't happening...

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    Default Re: win2000 pro - inbound connections

    Either accept the limit or upgrade one machine to either 2000 or NT 4.0 Server, purchasing additional client access licenses as needed depending on the licensing mode selected.

    Any other method may definitely be tantamount to piracy.
    Any workarounds may contravene the MS EULA.

    Read about the limit on a Windows 2000 Professional workgroup inbound and outbound connections here

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    Default Re: win2000 pro - inbound connections

    Hello Merlin,

    I'm not attempting to pirate anything and I have read that page on the limits of inbound connections before, many time since striking the problem.
    However, when you purchase Win2000 Pro they don't say "by the way, it will only accept 10 inbound connections at one time". It's certainly not on a glowing sticker on the box...
    Thanks for your input. I expect that we will upgrade to Win2000 server, but $1700 for the package plus $70-odd per seat seems excessive - or is it a bargain?

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    Default Re: win2000 pro - inbound connections

    I am aware that MS do not advertise the limitation - negative publicity if they did.

    The jibe was intended as a general warning since some of the replies were sliding towards potentially suspect recommendations.

    I am also aware MS monitor public forums.

    Regarding cost, other options are limited.
    Unix costs in dollars and learning
    Linux costs in learning.

    Another option to consider - and one thing MS do stress and I agree with, is to plan well - is a authentic copy (with certificate) of NT4.0 Server.

    You will have to consider all your current and projected needs. On the face of it, $1700 for the package plus $70-odd per seat may be excessive or it may be cheap if cost is the only factor under evaluation. However the software cost may be a minor factor when evaluating overall scenarios.

    Rather than addressing the current problem, take the time to plan and improve the entire system and show the benefits will justify projected costs.

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