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    Default blocked email attachments

    system is windows xp 2000 home edition - have been trying to send an attachment to family with above system without success - was there recently so checked it out - message in mail is - "outlook blocks access to the following potentially unsafe attachments" ??? - these include .exe - is there a way to overcome this?

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    easy way is to zip the attachment before you send it. that way outlook won't block it.

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    Default Re: blocked email attachments

    I use Outlook 2000 but the principal will be about the same in other versions.

    Open Outlook > Tools > Options > Security > Change the setting from High to Low > Apply/Ok.

    This should allow attachments to be received.

    If you are referring to Outlook Express is is almost the same ...Tools > Options > Security and change the setting to suit your requirements.

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    Default Re: blocked email attachments

    thanks to "tweakie" - works a treat

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    Jim B

    Default Re: blocked email attachments

    They will have the same problem next time they receive an attachment, not everyone sends a zip attachment.

    All they need to do is:

    In Outlook, click on Tools, Options.
    Then click on the Security tab
    Remove the tick from 'Do not allow attachment to be saved or opened
    that could potentially be a virus'

    If they want this security put the tick back in after they have opened the attachment.

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