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    Default IE 6 Security settings


    I have a problem since upgrading to IE6 6 in that when I go to use MS Encarta Atlas it comes up with the following message:
    Atlas has detected that IE explorer security settings are set to custom, set settings to medium.
    I go to tools internet ,options, security tab, internet zone, the setting is medium and the default button is grayed out. I have tried every setting but to no avail. I have looked at the FAQ of this group and done a search. I have searched the Microsoft help but it does say ie6 has set them to custom and to change them but I do but it still don't work.
    I posted before but got idiotic responses
    Thanks in advance for help with clear instructions

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    Graham L

    Default Re: IE 6 Security settings

    Try this, Ted: go to and enter "encarta atlas internet explorer security" in the search window. The fifth match, titled "Tiny Computers Support Site/Reference Section" will give you a fix.

    Isn't google wonderful?

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    Default Re: IE 6 Security settings

    Thanks Graham
    After following the procedure two things happened firstly IE stopped working, if I didnt have goback to reverse changes in registry like it said I would be in deep crap It says delete internet key so sure the ie will stop.
    Secondly sure the error message went away but it still kept asking for the cd to be put in the drive and it was there
    I think I might give up and smash the ms encarts atlas 2000 cd and buy another non microsoft one.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: IE 6 Security settings

    Oh dear. :-(

    "Internet Settings" ... did that have any lower levels? worth a look. That site looks "proper", so I think they'd not sabotage people. The second match from that site has a note at the bottom: Disk 7 is the install disk for Encarta Atlas, to run it, it needs disk 8.

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    Default Re: IE 6 Security settings

    Cannot help you with the Encarta Security settings but isn't Encarta Atlas made up of 2 disks, I don't have it installed right now but off memory you installed it using one disk and accessed the program using the other disk.
    When it prompts you to insert the CD have you tried the other CD(s) instead? Just a thought which you might already have tried.

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    Default Re: IE 6 Security settings

    Tedheath, I just tried my atlas for the first time and got the same warnings as you, but I just ignored it and put in my Encarta disc 3 (ME) and everything seems to work fine.

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    Default Re: IE 6 Security settings

    Thanks Duck, Danger, and Graham,
    Used the second disk and away it went warning messages and all.
    People like me shouldnt be allowed to play with technical things like computers.
    Thanks again for taking the time out to help a retard.


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