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    Default Electrical Interference

    My Computer seems to cause interference to every radio in our house!
    It makes no difference if I run the Computer from power points in other rooms. Even if the Computer, it's Monitor and Speakers are all switched OFF by their individual switches, the problem only stops when the main power supply is physically unplugged from the Computer case. Although the system is normally run through a Surge Protected power board by-passing that board and plugging directly into a 3 pin wall socket makes no difference either.
    Any suggestions, please.

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    Dolby Digital

    Default Re: Electrical Interference

    Actually do the radio's need to be ac powered, or just battery powered to pick it up?. Is the computer still under warranty; maybe it needs a new power supply.

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    Peter H

    Default Re: Electrical Interference

    Had the same problem & solved with a Mains FILTER - different to a surge protector. Mine was one I had lying around, but Jaycar Electronics advertise one for $18.95 - includes 6 way outlet. Cat no. MS 4008
    0800 452 9227

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    Default Re: Electrical Interference

    Is the radio interference on the AM band or the FM band?

    You would normally expect a level of interference on AM, but it would be bad to affect FM.

    Is your location (relative to the station) remote, because if so then it may be difficult to eradicate.

    The suggestion of a mains filter is correct, assuming the interference is mains borne and not radiated. It sound like the power supply switchmode unit causing it, and if you are not in a remote location, I would consider discussing it with the PC supplier as it should not be that bad.

    I run several PCs here, none affect the FM band and only minor effects on AM. I am in a good signal area however.

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: Electrical Interference

    Perhaps it would also pay you to get a good electrician ( not a 'Target' one) to check your mains wiring, including earth testing.

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    Neil McC

    Default Re: Electrical Interference

    I think Poppa Johns busy at the moment
    Could be a dry joint in your power supply fizzing away. Doesn't sound good anyhow.

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    Default Re: Electrical Interference

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions which I will methodically pursue!

    A few more facts now my thinking is focussed:-
    1) A battery powered radio still picks up the noise but less so than mains powered.
    2) We are not in a remote area.
    3) AM band is more affected than FM but it is still noticeable on FM.
    4) Although the Computer power supply is probably less than 2 years old
    it is well past warranty date.

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    Peter H

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    My problem started with a brand new power supply and affected the FM band worst. Needed the ATX 300w for an upgrade - they don't make them as good as the old days, but would have expected it to meet NZ specs. Make is NOVIA Model MS-300W for what it's worth.

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