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    Default Worthwhile Video Driver Update ?


    I have found a Microsoft certified driver update via the AIDA 32 system program for my integrated 530 SIS 4MB Video adapter (Though update listed as 530/5595). This is for a Jetway 531CF Motherboard with 380MB RAM. It is quite a sizable driver zip file at 9.4 MB and dated March 2002, as opposed to my current 1999 Driver(s).
    Just a bit hesitant to install, as not sure if it is worthwhile (as with any driver updates for that matter), as what fuctional benefits could be possibly available than the current driver(s). We generally do not use any graphics intensive games, the most being the new solitaire card games, music or similar, and PC programs run OK. Also do I need to uninstall the present drivers?


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    Susan B

    Default Re: Worthwhile Video Driver Update ?

    Two schools of thought:

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it (my method), or

    Tweak it 'till it breaks (tweak'e's method).

    Take your pick!

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    Default Re: Worthwhile Video Driver Update ?

    lol susan

    unless you are running XP theres proberly little difference in them. if the current driver is working ok then why bother changing it.

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