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    Default windows xp home start up problems

    On start up I get the following message unscheduled exception:cOOOOOO5 At address 100016b8. When I click OK I get the following Promulgate Universal encountered a problem and needs to close . I have sent this message to microsoft . When I click don't send XP starts. I have tried to use the Recovery programme but can not get past "select a restore point." When I try to load programmes such as Nortons System Utilities or Easy CD Creator 5 I get the following message" Error1311 Source file not found E:\ Data .Cab I can load these programmes on to a older machine running Windows 98 SE. Can someone tell me what to do to restore my system to normal Thank You.

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    Babe Ruth

    Default Re: windows xp home start up problems

    Check out this article Promulgate and see if it helps in resolving your problem. It may be the spyware that you have also...

    Cheers, Babe.

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