Don't know whether or not letters printed in hard copy New Zealand PC World are selections from the on-line forum, but two letters in the September issue may need alternative answers.

The first deals with bottom borders not printing in a Lexmark printer. The real problem here is that the setting for the border is outside the Minimal Margin Setting for the printer. MMS's differ between brands of printer and even between models of the same brand. They may also differ between different types of document in any particular printer. My HP lists MMS's for all types of document, my Epson doesn't. If you don't know what they are and something is missing on the page, try increasing the margin size until all your stuff appears. You can easily find out what the MMS's are in Ms Publisher or other such programme by drawing a vertical line and a horizontal line on a blank page, extending them past the edges of the page, and then printing. Measure the spaces between the ends of the lines and edges of the page.

The other problem was missing toolbars in Word 2000. To find them, go to Tools > Toolbars and then take your pick.