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    Default Email account settings

    In contemplation of purchasing a new computer, I have saved my email account settings onto floppy disc. My question is: when I purchase, is it simply a matter of importing those settings back into the new computer so that I remain connected, or is maintaining my connection with Xtra not that simple? Any advice will be gratefully received.

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    Default Re: Email account settings

    To connect to Xtra is simple as.....

    Just phone 0800 22 55 98...... there is a automated help line that makes configuring an internet connection and setting up a email account as simple as ABC

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    Default Re: Email account settings

    Its even simpler.

    All you need to know is the Xtra settings for POP3 ( and SMTP (, your e-mail address ( and the password you setup to access your mail.

    If you are using the same e-mail program however, it will likely import the data you have saved with the probable exception of your password.

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    yes its possible. how to depends on email program used and what email program is on the new one. as for some of the basic settings a pen and paper will do.

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