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    Graham Petrie

    Default Terry Porritt re ISO 9000 accreditation.

    I didn't want to hijack that thread any more than I had already, so I started a new one.

    OK, Terry, I am with you here.

    Perhaps I was a bit brash, but my thoughts are that as you say things have deteriorated, and in my opinion, to such a state that that ISO 9000 accreditation is nothing to scite about, at least until things are toughened up a bit, and the standards are actually followed.

    The standards, and principles themselves are good, it is the poor practice of those standars which negates their worth.

    Start a new thread if you wish to reply - I think this thread is hijacked enough.

    G P

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: Terry Porritt re ISO 9000 accreditation.

    Maybe a good idea, hijacking was something I complained about myself a while ago

    If accreditation IS being handed out now at the drop of a hat, then that really worries me. Ive been out of the game for 10 years now. It used to be very tough indeed, and an awful lot of work was needed by a firm to get up to speed as regards meeting quality criteria for accreditation.

    Back in the 1980 era there was a government policy called "Offset", whereby when we imported say a civil or military plane, a certain amount of work would be done locally either for the imported item or related work. Eg, there was a local firm making parachute containers for the Jaguar strike aircraft, these had to meet stringent aircraft quality standards.
    This example was repeated in several precision engineering and electronic manufacturing fields.
    There was even a proposal to set up helicopter gear manufacturing here.
    Helicopter gears and gear boxes are pretty esoteric precision things.

    The idea was to get quality concepts out into industry and to get rid of the idea that a firm could sell anything it made regardess, because it had applied for an import substitution license, thus effectively killing any competition.

    That is the sort of quality scene that all but disappeared in NZ except for the frigate work, and I was a bit dubious about that at the time because of the run down in capabilities.

    I really hope the PC company succeeds, but it has to be on a quality basis, and that quality to be perceived by their customers.
    Are the problems reported in these posts the tip of an iceberg? We just dont know.
    Do we get the same number of complaints about IBM, HP, Dell Compaq etc?

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