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    Sam H

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    Secondly about the speakers, there is probably not much you can do about the lack of bass as the speakers that are provided are cheap ones and are of poor quality like someone else said. From memory that particular type retail for about $10. If you can borrow perhaps some speakers off a friend or maybe you have some others somewhere, then try these first to see whether it solves the problem of the crackling. If it doesn't then I would assume that it is a problem with the sound card in which case you will need to take it into a showroom that has a service center to se what they have to say. If it does however then it is just the poor quality speakers that where bundled with your PC package, and there is not much you can do except maybe investing in a better quality pair.

    Also I know the way you are feeling about being supplied a PC that is not in tip top shape as it should be. Lets just say I will never again in my life buy from the PC Company or encourage any one I know to buy from them.

    Hope this reply helps out.


    Sam H

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    thanks for that sam but i did that ages ago and it didn't work its something else.....i will take the cpu back to the shop so they can tweak it to perform properly.....your right a new computer shouldn't be havningn these problems...and the pc co help on email are usuless just take the money and run type of outfit me thinks...but will see what the lads at the shop are like....person to person seems to be different....why would you not recomend the pc co ......just curious.....?cheap parts, crap after sales attention ?????? strange thing i accidently ended up downloading all those stupid updates from Microhard only wanted the updated drivers....and it took almost 2 hrs.....then i couldn't get on line and low and behold...the pc co modem makes no beep beeps when connecting which is quite disconcerting.....well with whatever the updates where i now have a voice modem and i can hear the beeps !!! but kept getting cannot find server page errors.......which suddenly righted itself.....the whole thing is strange.....back to the shop me thinks thanks to everyone who replied

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    i have pc cillin would that do the same thing....?

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    Default Re: getting kicked off line

    yes your right....its going back untill it works properly......i havn't had much help at all from email....won't even consider the phone back to the shop it goes...thanks

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