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    I have just upgraded from Win 95 to ME but I cannot access my Help files (Start>Help). The Help screen comes up but the page is blank and the egg timer just keeps going. The help files have been loaded (Windows>Help) but whereas a friend of mine has 399 files in there, I only have 277 files. Any ideas?

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    They are not much bloody help anyway so I wouldn't worry.

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    Sorry mikebartnz...... I beg to differ. I find them very helpful

    mt_lorraine, have you triedaccessing them by pushing key F1 ?

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    Jen C

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    The number of files sound correct - I just looked at mine (WinME) and there is 279 objects in the Help folder. Still looking for a solution not being able to access them ....

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    Jen C

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    Okay, how about this Blank Pages in Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) Help and Support for starters.

    Please take note of the registry editing warning first, following their link or check out PressF1 FAQ on registry


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