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    Default computer beeps 5 times on startup

    My computer beeps 5 times on startup and comes up with the message "system hardware abnormal, press any key to continue"

    When any key is pressed, a message comes up "DHCP MAC ADDR: 00 D0 B7 3B 6E 44 PEX-E53: No boot filename recieved"

    Computer boots and seems to work normally after you press any key.

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be. Your response will be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: computer beeps 5 times on startup

    5 beeps indicates a processor error (if it uses an AMI BIOS)
    That would normally be terminal.

    Ther other error suggests it is trying to boot from the network.

    You may get a lot more assistance if you tell what the circumstances (networked/stand alone) and hardware / operating system used

    Flying blind otherwise...

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    Graham Petrie

    Default Re: computer beeps 5 times on startup

    When I installed my new RAM, my award BIOS beeped 5 times. It turned out that the stick in slot 0 was not in properly. However, it would not boot at all, so I don't think this is your problem. If you have installed RAM recently, you could try this anyway.

    G P

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    Graham L

    Default Re: computer beeps 5 times on startup

    Your network "card" obviously has a boot rom which is attempting to boot from a server. If it's a real card, unplug it and see if there's a jumper to Enable/Disable the rom. If it's on the motherboard, look for a BIOS setting to disable that. Otherwise ... if its a card with no jumpers you will need to find a setup disk for it. If you haven't got a network, remove the card or disable it in the BIOS.

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