I have noticed tonight that several posts when opened do not display properly. No body else seems to be complaining so I assume that the problem is with me. One post when opened showed no post body at all ... only the PC header stuff and the Forum Home | Register | Log-in links at the bottom of the page ?:|. I made a screenshot of that one and posted it off to the webmaster thinking that it was only that post (now does open properly couple of hours later anyway) but now another post is being weird.

The poll on Fight club vs Lock stock is all over the place. The thread history (or whatever it is called) at the top has the Re: very OT - Fight club etc squashed at the far left of the page, the user name is centred, and the date/time flattened on the far right side with lots of white areas between. The actual post and replies displayed below look normal.

Is anybody else seeing this? Have I joined Susan and lost my marbles (she reported a different display error earlier on the "parents printer" thread)

I have tried both OE6 and Opera 6.5, ditched the cookies, and emptied out the temp internet file which has made no difference. I haven't changed any settings but Opera 6.5 is new (been running 2-3 days with no problems).

?:| Jen