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    Default "...caused a general protection fault.."

    A Friend is having trouble with the internet.

    Apparently he gets on the for about 5-10 mins and then he receives the following error:

    SMARTEXPLORER caused a general protection fault
    in module USER.EXE at 001c:000013b8.
    EAX=00030000 CS=16ef EIP=000013b8 EFLGS=00000212
    EBX=17c72244 SS=6187 ESP=000083d4 EBP=000083e2
    ECX=0002050c DS=16bf ESI=2d702244 FS=52cf
    EDX=00000002 ES=16bf EDI=00002d70 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    67 8b 5e 08 67 8b 7e 0a 3b d9 75 04 3b fa 74 dc
    Stack dump:
    52cf016f 016f0000 bff70000 842c0002 019f0028 07b80002 00001409 00000000
    10034850 ffffffff 0414f510 ffffffff bff77284 bfc03724 04147000 0414f510

    The reason it pertains to "Smart Explorer" and not "IE 5.5"(which is his default browser) is that I reccomended he try a different browser to see if it made any difference, apparently it didn't.

    Has anyone encountered this one?? Is a Reg fix required??

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    Default Re: "...caused a general protection fault.."

    It would be of assistance to know what operating system, however the following advice is available from the web....


    When many windows are being created or manipulated, a general protection (GP) fault may occur in User.exe. In rare circumstances, the computer may seem to stop responding (hang).


    A problem with an internal function in User.exe may cause a pointer to be calculated incorrectly. Under stress, this pointer may cause corruption to the user heap, which eventually leads to the GP fault when calls are made to GetWindowLong() or SetWindowLong().

    Apparently it is triggered by certain websites when the condition arises, and it affects Windows 95, but some report it occurring in later versions.

    Check it out here

    As the browser has been eliminated I would also update the drivers for the modem. That remains a common thread, and GPFs can be caused by these.

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    Default Re: "...caused a general protection fault.."

    Thanks for the post.
    I read the article and it seems to refer to win95 (Sorry I forgot to mention the OS, he is running an OEM version of win98)and states that the problem is fixed in win98.

    I also forgot to mention that after the error message the system normally crashes.

    Will find out what modem he has and check out the latest drivers to see it that helps.

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    John Grieve

    Default Re: "...caused a general protection fault.."

    Try the following. Go into add/remove programs and highlight IE5.5 and okay it to remove it. A box will pop up giving you the opportunity to "repair" the IE install. Do so and see if it disappears.

    If that does not do it do the same thing but instead or "repair" see if the option to roll IE5.5 back to the last version is available. Roll it back to the previous version then reboot and reinstall IE5.5 off a disc or whatever you have with it on. That might work.

    If that fails install IE 6 as a last resort.

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    Default Re: "...caused a general protection fault.."

    Hmm, I'm inclined to think it's a prob with SmartBrowser itself. I used it for a while, but found it too unstable, and since it just encapsulates the IE engine you may as well just use IE

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    Default Problem solved :0)

    Hey sorry it has taken me sooooooo long to update this thread, been a bit busy.

    The IE repair option has done the trick apparently.

    Thanks everyone your time and trouble.


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