I've been helping a friend design and upload a new web site using Dreamweaver over the last week.

We're getting this weird thing - when we view the site online with IE6 or NS7 we're being randomly served various versions of old non-existing pages, with occasionally the correct and updated page, by repeatedly using local 'refresh'.

We're using a standard garden-variety 56k modem and a Paradise dial-up account to upload the files via FTP to an overseas server hosted by MyHost.

This is driving me nuts. I've several times gone through the whole process of clearing out my local caches, deleting the remote files and re-uploading the site pages - but the old page ghosts remain to haunt me.

MyHost say it's Paradise's responsibility, Paradise say it's MyHost's.

I see no point contacting Paradise about this again as they haven't bothered to reply to my email query 10 days ago and they probably won't. Customer service is no longer on their list of priorities.

Has anyone come across this before? I sure would appreciate some input.

John W