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    Default Performance Problems

    I recently (9 months ago) well, not really recently, bought a new computer. It worked fine for the first month, but now it is really really slow doing normal tasks like opening up different programmes and running two simple programmes at once. It also takes ages on startup to open the Start menu and select the Connect To option. Also, high performance games lag, a lot, even though my computer is above their recommendations

    I have a AMD Duron 952mhz processor, 20 gig hard drive, S3 Savage video card with sound integrated, 128mb ram.

    I run Win XP and have Norton Anti-virus 2002 software that is operating all the time.

    Any Ideas for uping my performance?

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    Default Re: Performance Problems


    There are heaps of reosons why your computer may be going quite slow, your processor is fine, so that can't be it. I don't think software will have anything to do with it, unless your OS has just been cluttered up etc. Having a fair bit of Hard Drive space free should bump the speed up a bit - also RAM can be a problem, 128 RAM for some games is a little to low, though that shouldn't be the case. Sometimes your computer will go slow if your OS hasn't been reinstalled completely for a while, but that can't be the problem.

    Sorry about talking to myself there - I cannot think of anything on the top of my head, but no doubt someone will reply and make a fool out of me. Sorry for the non-helpful information :|


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    mark c

    Default Re: Performance Problems

    Do you do regular maintenance? Like cleaning out temp files and cookies and history? If you download and install and uninstalll stuff all the time you're going to have to have a spring clean of old legacy files not removed and are cluttering your HD up. Also you may have lots of progs inserted themselves in your start-up. Start/run/..type in msconfig...enter/startup and have a look.

    Computers get cluttered and need tidying up, just like a desktop, or a workbench,ond things get in a muddle and productivity drops.

    Should be maybe a FAQ on this, basic maintenance and tidyness.

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    sounds like defrag time.

    128 meg of ram is on the really small side. upgrade to 256 and you will notice it running a lot better.

    also check what programs you have got running in the background.

    S3 Savage?? didn't know you could still buy these new.

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    use ad-aware and active privacy also washand go is a good program a PC needs lots of maintainance to run properly I helped cleane out a neighbours PC took 3 hours with heaps ie 1000s of junk files and virus s etc amazed it still ran as welll as it did prior to the cleanup

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    Ok you don't have enough Ram fullstop. This would be causing your hard-drive to be chugging lots and slowing you down. Also sounds like you have some spy-ware on your computer etc.

    You need to grab yourself another 256MB of RAM

    also goto pcpitstop
    run their tests, it will tell what on your computer is not up to scratch, then come back here, and we should be able to tell you how to fix those problems

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    My hard drive is stacked to the limit (I always keep 1 gig free at all times).

    I defraged my drive about a week ago, and I use Disk Cleanup every 2-3 weeks.

    I hate my S3.......

    Also, my computer is a Sirocco (titanium series) , does anyone know if I can do that thing where I keep my 128 ram and put another (512 hopefully) of ram into the other slot and add them together?? I'm not sure wether my computer has an extra ram slot and I'm not sure if it could hack it.

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    i suggest getting rid of some stuff (burning it to cd??) and leave yourself with ALOT more hard disk space. XP (like all NT based systems) has a swap file. i think the default size is something under 400 -> 500 megs. you can specify this by pressing <WINDOWS KEY>+<PAUSE/BREAK>. goto the advanced tab --> performance button and try increasing your swap file for your C: (you will need to reboot).

    maybe amp it up to about 1gig or even over? the lack of ram with XP is probably causing you the trouble but increasing the pagefile will be the temporary 'duct tape' solution for the time until you get some more ram. (make sure the ram you buy will run at the same speed as your current ram!)

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    (I wish I could edit my posts)

    I used ms config and all of the things it starts up on startup are things I use.

    I went to and it said 'This is a very fast system that should meet all your computing needs. You may be able to add a few upgrades to improve performance and convenience.' I laughed.

    Top Tips for SIROCCO

    Install more memory
    Upgrade disk drives
    Adjust IE browser cache size
    Create a volume label (Drive C)

    In the ram section I got a red flag, and in the disk section.

    It says in the Memory configuration that I have 2 ram slots, 1 is available, which is good, but it says my max ram module size is 256!!!

    Does that mean I can only put in 256 max in? That is pathetic! Even if I put 2x256 in I would only get 512 max....and It would cost me more for 2x256 ram cards than 1 x 512 ram card.

    It also says

    Although the BIOS reports that this system has 128MB of memory installed, Windows reports that only 112MB is available. The most common reason for this discrepancy is that your system uses some system RAM for the video graphics card. However, the discrepancy on this system is rather high. This may be due to the BIOS reporting an incorrect amount of installed memory.

    Is this because I uped my virtual memory paging file? just curious...

    Under the drive section

    Cached speed 120.27 MB/s (79%)
    Uncached speed 2.64 MB/s (69%)

    100% is the average, what can I do to up the speed?

    The rest was a bunch of gibberish that I didn't understand.

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    Default Re: Performance Problems

    pitstop is not always correct. try sisoft sandra.

    adding another 128 meg of ram will be good tho 512 even better

    the hardrive cache speed depends a lot on- drivers, windows settings, background programs (eg antivirus).

    first thing is to workout what make/model parts you have then check for updated drivers for them. then get some more ram ;-)

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