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    Default strange behavior after upgrade

    i did a clean install of win98se on an older P133 machine formally running win95. everything seemed to go okay, but once in a while it wouldn't find the internal isa modem. i'd restart and it would reappear.

    then the isa sound card started doing strange things, like making a repeating sound like a stuck cd. then the whole sound card disappeared from device manager. when i rebooted in safe mode, it mysteriously reappeared. after a couple of restarts, it was back.

    and the final curiosity: every once in a while it changes the background wallpaper from a solid teal to the windows 98 background.

    any ideas on what's going on in there?

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    Default Re: strange behavior after upgrade

    frankly i would be inclined to go put win95 back on it. it will run a whole lot better.

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