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    Default Internet explorer/windows explorer wont work in XP

    I have this problem. I run Windows XP home. Quite suddenly, both Windows explorer and internet explorer wont work. I get a message saying that "it has incountered an error and must close" . After sending numerous error messages to Microsoft I am at a loss as to what to do next. I have had to borrow a computer to post this message.

    Any help will be appreciated.



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    Default Re: Internet explorer/windows explorer wont work in XP

    Both IE and E are somewhat integrated.

    Firstly, go Start - Run - then in the run dialogue box type SFC <space>/scannow (the space is needed, just one between sfc and /

    Case is not important. It may ask for your installCD or the location of your cab files if pre-installed.

    It will look for any damaged system files and replace them. Its a good place to start. Next I would try a re-install of IE6. Most computer magazines have it on the cover CD these days.

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