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    Default 'DRF' file extension

    A friend sent me a file he couldn't open on his sytem; unfortunately neither can I. All I know is that the file has a 'drf' extension. I have tried searching for a definition but haven't managed to come up with anything that makes sense given what the file is likely to contain.

    I have seen references that cite drf as standing for PhotoLine Drawing Filter and a Document Reference File. I have also seen references that
    indicate that it is a file type associated with compressed (Zipped) and/or
    encrypted documents.

    Any assistance in identifying what file type drf is most likely to be would be appreciated.

    Based on where the file came from it is most likely to be information about funding or grants programmes and therefore would consist largely or exclusively of text. It could also contain data in spreadsheet format and some graphics (graphs).

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    Default Re: 'DRF' file extension

    I recommend right clicking on the file and selecting 'open with"

    Use something like wordpad to open it with (DONT tick the "always open these files with this app")

    It will likely be a lot of gibberish, but commonly the first few characters can tell you the name of the app that created it.

    You may well be able to read some of the text as well.

    Dont save, just exit

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    Default Re: 'DRF' file extension

    This could be a start

    What is a DRF file? Why is there a problem creating it?
    I just ran in a problem rebuilding the latest version of the TMultiLang package.
    This is done by a batch file which invokes the commandline compiler DCC32.EXE
    I got this error message:

    E:\Projects\MultiLang\mle>dcc32 multilang.dpk
    Delphi for Win32 Version 10.0 Copyright (c) 1983,97 Borland International
    MultiLang.dpk(40) Fatal: Could not create output file 'MultiLang.drf'

    What is this DRF file? Why did I get this message?

    When you compile with packages, you can specify which packages should be considered for linkage. The package requirements of the project get stored into a temporary Windows resource file with a .DRF extension.

    In my case I got this error message from DCC32 because my environment variable %TEMP% pointed to an not existing directory after I had cleaned up too much :-)
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