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    effie C

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    A new query( my enthusiasm for this forum grows by the day!)
    When I had to clean re install after a disasterous crash - I , instead of re installing Office 97, installed the superior Office XP along with "Word".
    I have operated it happily since- but last week I found the shortcut Icon missing off my workbench- I promptly replaced it and carried on.
    Last night I had cause to open up a list in "my documents" and was asked to install "Word" for this application"!- I had already used it before- so does this mean a lack of compatibility?
    In other words is Word too up itself to deal with "common lower ranks", and tips out an intruder or something?
    It is little trouble to re install but ------?
    effie c

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    Hi Effie. I believe there is like a partial install option with Office where the full installation of the application occurs when you first try to use it. But you said youve already used it once then the install happens again which is weird. I would look at the Office CD and have a look at the install options to see what types of installation are available.

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    Word XP is fully backwards compatable.

    Was it a ".doc" file you tried to open? If it had a different extention to the default, I wonder if its just telling you to associate Word with that file type. (under tools-option-file types in explorer)? Perhaps Word did not register itself as the default for ".doc" files, pay to check as above?

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    effie C

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    Thank you Parry - yes as I understand it the complete application was made- and yes I have used it quite regularly until last night's query- a friend- on msn suggested I might have to re install on each of the conrents of "my documents"
    effie c

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    effie C

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    Hi - perhaps I had better adopt you as my godfather- I did as you said - and everyone of the docs now opens- which they certainly did not earlier- Thank you godfather( I am old enough to be not needing a godfather I thought) - anyway cracks aside - thank you - I hope the Icon etc stays where is put- it shot through easily enough before!!!
    Anyway we shall se if it is now permanet
    Effie c

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    Susan B

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    > - perhaps I had better adopt you as my godfather-

    er... Just remember that I adopted him as my godfather first. :O

    You are welcome to take your place behind me though. ;-)

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