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    A small problem for someone out there! Every time I turn on my PC a message comes up ""a required .DLL file, " IMGHOOK.DLL was not found""
    I click OK, another screen tells me to insert W98 Cd? What for and why? I can find the file in C:Program Files /Rescue Disc but don't know where to put it, PC works OK otherwise. Help

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    I don't know what the file does, or why it is loading, but it'll be because of some action you took in an earlier session, such as installing a program, or changing some of Window's componants.

    Go to and search for 'Startup Control Panel'. Download the Startup Control Panel Applet and install it. Then, in the control panel, you can open up the new 'Startup' option, and have control over what gets run when you start your computer. You may have a file called 'IMGHOOK.DLL' which is starting every time you start your computer. If this is the case, deselect it so it does not run, and reboot your machine.

    Be careful though: Some things need to startup when you start your computer. So don't go overboard when de-selecting startup items, or you may find your machine not running correctly!

    The alternative is to go START > RUN and type 'regedit' to get into the Registry Editor. Browse to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MICROSOFT > WINDOWS > CURRENTVERSION > RUN' and it will give you a list of program that start when you boot up your machine.

    But WARNING... do NOT just randomly delete things from the registry!! If Windows is the heart of your computer, the registry is it's bloodstream... so don't screw with it! Registry editing is recommended for advanced users. Try download the Control Panel applet first.

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    Put the file in: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder and try that.

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    John Grieve

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    That dll appears to be part of the Iomegaware software. Either reinstall the Iomegaware software or put a copy of the dll in the "Driveicons" folder in the Iomegaware folder in C:/program files.

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