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Thread: VCD + Audio CD

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    Default VCD + Audio CD

    is there any way to burn vcd for standalong vcd players and at the same time on the same disk burn audio cd tracks
    so when that disk is put in a normal standalong cd player ie. sterio
    you can listen to the audio files on it
    then when you put it in a vcd player
    it plays the clip

    so cd player plays it like a normal music cd
    and the vcd player plays it as a normal vcd disk

    any ideas?

    ps. the music on the cd player is not the audio in the clip in the vcd

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    Default Re: VCD + Audio CD

    yes it possible but don't ask me how, i've had cd's that have had the songs plus the video clips of the songs. very cool.

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    Default Re: VCD + Audio CD

    I think the audio has to be the first session on the CD. But I know nothing about VCDs and their setup.

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    I know where tweak'e and antmannz are coming from, with CD -Extra being used by myself alot.
    I don't see why it shouldn't be possible?!
    I wonder if I could find some software that'd do it coz Nero doesn't I know for sure!


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