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Thread: IE6sp1 rant

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    ok, i just downloaded IE6sp1 all 24meg of it (full ver otherwise a mere 11meg), only to find i have 6 meg of updates still to on windows update site.........arghhhhhhh :_|

    opera is only 3.5meg (java another 9meg) for the whole darn thing.

    can anyone explain WHY ie is so bloated? like what does all the huge amount actually do?

    with the huge amount of windows,office, ie updates pcworld would need a cd just for them there's an idea.....bruce!
    cricky i would even pay for a cd of all the updates for all of the os's and office updates. does MS supply one at all?

    is there a way i could join all the updates into windows (like the XPsp1 slipstream iso's) so it would install them all in one go?

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    It's because it is actually updates for Windows Explorer and everything as well.

    There should be a way of slipstreaming it. Though I've only known of it being done with 2K and XP.

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    I've only heard of them slipstreaming Service Packs - into 2k, XP, and Office XP as well. I haven't seen anywhere where you can slipstream just regular updates. Maybe that's a new task for you tweak'e?


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    I reckon it just shows what such a shoddy product Micrsoft makes.

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    mark c

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    That's funny because since i biffed WinMedia Player I do selective downloads. Takes a bit of messsing about figuring out what you want and what you don't but better than doing a megadownload of what you don't want.

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