Wow, this actually works. I have one query however:

When I now boot up (to default - first partition) the boot up process through windows splash screen takes ages! - Any ideas?

(To answer you'll need to know what I did - so here goes)

I had:
Partition 1 (P1) win98se 3gig (fat32) - Primary
P2 Extended 6 gig
P3 Data 4 gig (Fat32) - Logical
P4 Empty 2 gig (Fat 32) - Logical
Balance of drive 4 gig empty awaiting copy of Linux Debian distro.

Using *Parted*
I deleted P1 & P4,
Non-destructively moved and resized P2 & P4
Added 2 new primary partitions to hold win98se each.

Giving me:

P1 Primary (Boot, LBA) - 3 gig
P2 primary (LBA, Hidden) - 5 gig
P3 Extended - 5 gig
P4 Data - Logical - 5 gig


Used boot disk, formatted P1 and loaded win98se (called it Office)

Used Parted made P1 (LBA, Hidden), and P2 (LBA, Boot)

Used boot disk, formatted P2 and loaded win98se (called it Games)

Used Parted made P1 (Boot, LBA) and P2 (LBA)

Booted in Dos only (used Ctrl key at start up)

Installed XOSL off floppy

Installed XOSL into C: (This bit I wasn't sure about! but I hadn't set up a separate dedicated dos partition for it)

Booted up as normal and am able to boot to either OS satisfactorily

Interestingly when I boot to P1 (Office) and look at *My Computer* this is what I see:

C: Office
D: Data
E: Games

but when I boot into P2 (Games) I see

C: Games
D: Data
E: Office

Is this part of the reason that boot up takes so long (ie it is making changes about locations??? or something)