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    Default Linux & ISO9660 image

    Does anybody know how to alter mkisofs default behavior of handling long file names for a straight unenhanced iso9660 fs in your image so that it uses ~1 etc at the end of the filename like dos??

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Linux & ISO9660 image

    I don't know ... since Unix handles long and punctuated filenames I suppose it doesn't matter. To the writer of mkisofs.;-) But there's probably a way around it. Try mkisofs --help and see if there's a command line option. (Also use apropos mkisofs for any other docs) I think the "Rock Ridge" extension to the CD standards gave a way of using "8.3" filenames, and retaining the long Unix names ... there's another one (the name of which escapes me for the moment) which covers the W95 and later names.

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    Default Re: Linux & ISO9660 image

    Thanks anyway, Joliet is the one windows uses, I was trying to write a cd with three file systems iso, short joliet, and joliet to match a cd with a damaged file system (Prince of persia3D disk 2) which is needed in the cd drive whilst playing the game but will not look at a cd with just the recovered files written there. Oh well.

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