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    Andrew B

    Default Inserting pictures into webpage with FrontPage 2000

    When I insert a picture from my files into a webpage with FrontPage 2000 I am having problems when I thumbnail them. After inserting it I resize and crop it to an acceptable size and then click resample to make the file smaller, that works OK. Then I click the 'Thumbnail' button and a small version of my resized and cropped picture appears on the page. That is what I want, but when I click on the thumbnail pic I find that it is linked to a copy of the large uncropped original file, not the the resized and cropped one that I want it to link to. What am I doing wrong? Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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    Heather P

    Default Re: Inserting pictures into webpage with FrontPage 2000

    I don't use Frontpage but hand code.

    The actual process of inserting an image without Frontpage is as follows:

    - open the image in an image program
    - crop and resize to suit
    - save it as an image eg "me.jpg"

    - recrop and resize to thumbnail size
    - save it as a second image eg "me_t.jpg"

    (Note the naming convention - same name but with an _t for the thumbnail. Very handy to do this to keep the files together in the directory)

    Now open the first web page and insert the thumbnail image, then open the 2nd page and insert the second image.

    The code will look like this:
    [img]me_t.jpg[/img] on the first page
    [img]me.jpg[/img] on the second page

    (There will also be other optional attributes like Height, Width, Title, Alt. Good idea to include them)

    Make sure the 2 images are saved into the same folder, or sub folder, as your web pages.

    Hope this clarifies the process so you can see what Frontpage is doing.

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    Andrew B

    Default Re: Inserting pictures into webpage with FrontPage 2000

    Thanks, Heather for your reply. Can you suggest a simple easy to use Image program to use?


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    Default Re: Inserting pictures into webpage with FrontPage 2000

    If I remember correctly, if you don't have an imaging program, Word can save files as JPGs or GIFs.

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    Heather P

    Default Re: Inserting pictures into webpage with FrontPage 2000

    Depends a bit on what sort of images you want to create - creative things? Resizing / cropping photos? - and how much money you want to spend.

    Jasc produce a reasonable program - I believe its turned up a few times on the PC World disc - or go to their homesite -

    If you say what you want to do with the program others might have alternative suggestions.

    Best way to get images out of Word is to save the page as a webpage then find the image files and move them to your website folder. Word creates lousy web pages but it's a handy way to get the photos out (copying photos and pasting them into another program doesn't work well).

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