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    Ron Bakker

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    Yes I am greedy!
    I was thinking of buying a new video card. One part of me wants to buy a card with paint shop pro in mind that would support dual vga display. The other part of me want's to play quake 3. I'd want to spend about $300
    like I said I'm greedy
    Currently have a Nividia tnt2 32mb card

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    I have a feeling that you'd be hard pressed to find a dual head video card for $300, especially one that'll also handle Q3. A cheaper option would be go for the best card you can afford, and then get a second cheaper PCI card to run your second display, as you won't need the second display to run Q3, just your primary one, so it needn't be as powerful.


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    Sam H

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    If you wanted to get a really good card for playing games then you could wait a while for the price of the GeForce 4 ti4200 to come down or you could spend the time saving a bit more as well. Currently they are around $500 I think, from memory.


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    Ron Bakker

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    Dam I can see where this is going.
    It sounds like I have to work hard & save!!!
    Thanks for the replys.

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    Check out [url]Pricespy[/url] for the best prices on video cards. You might find a good deal in there, or just the right card for the right price.


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    Ron Bakker

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    Thanks for the link Mike, very handy.

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