I've checked the FAQ on multibooting but it hasn't answered this question:

Am I able to have the following set up?

Partition 1 (Primary): Win98SE with MS Office and other basic necessary progs.

Partition 2 (Primary): Win98SE with kids games and the trial software I like to throw on from time to time

Partition 3 (Extended) - Balance of Disk

Partition 4 (Logical - part of Part. 3): Data

Partitions 5, 6 & 7 (Logical - part of Part 3): Linux Debian Distro

Boot Loader: Either LILO or a 3rd party loader (suggestions)

The reason for this interesting set up is to ensure I don't "stuff up" my wife as she needs consistent regular time on the computer and hates me playing with things that occasionally require fixing (NB: I have never lost any of her data, she has just had to wait for access on a few occasions) ;-)


P.S. Before you ask, I do have two copies of Win98SE.