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    I have the Quake 2 CD, and a good fast dialup.

    I was thinking about (once I get my mouse problems sorted out) having a go at playing online since I already clocked it a few times.

    1) Is it possible on a slowish laptop? (P233 32mb - the game runs fine)
    2) Are they still playing it?
    3) What else do I need?
    4) Where do I connect?



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    yes its still being played tho with lesser numbers and more cheats

    servers are starting to run anticheat so you winn need it to play on some servers. q2ace is being used a lot more.

    for local servers try-

    and you can always ask here

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    tweak'e is right, but yeah, the laptop should do it fine, Dial up is all your should need, maybe the latest Direct X depending on what OS, it's probably worth getting 8.0 or 8.1 anyways!
    It might be a little blurry on a Laptop Screen, with all the 3D movement. I ran it on a 2MB video card, so if your laptop can do 800x600 at 16Bit or higher, then AFAIK it should be at least 2Meg, that outghta be okay.

    Give it a shot, why not, and have fun


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    Cheers guys, I run it at 400 x300 on external monitor, as laptop screen is dead reasonable frame rate :^O

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    Alright, I had my first game last night after having to download a 13mb patch... I got told off for staying up until 3am playing it! Lol

    Anyway, while I was looking for the patch, I came across a few sites with MODs for quake 2.

    Q: What is a MOD and what do I do with it?


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    Mod's MODIFY the game/gameplay in some way. This could be anything from a new skin for your player, or it could be a new level. Otherwise, it could be something that completely modify's the game, it might make all level's have a default gravity of 100 or it could make the bots go on a 100% hardcore killing spree with unlimited rockets, It all depends. Mod's are fun and as long as you check them (Virus) before you open them, Go right ahead!


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    A mod will change various aspects of the game eg. mods are available for Jedi Knight which change the colour of the light-saber you wield, etc.

    Instructions for how it should be installed should be included (presumably a readme.txt in the zip file).

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