By that I mean send black text on white background HTML Emails, I am surprised unless I am going blind, I have never seen any articles on this topic in computer magazines "how to send HTML that come alive". It is not anybody fault, that is how Microsoft set up you Email, Black text on white HTML Emails.

A black text on white background that looks identical to a standard plain Email but is about 2.5 larger than the plain Email, and even with color will be the same size .If you pay by the minute to download Email and you get hundreds of Emails, you could wasting lots of money receiving HTML type Email. Yet with HTML Email you can add happy little faces all over your Email, so your friends getting your Email can see all types of different faces, very much like what you see posted at the "F1" web site.

Add some value to your HTML Emails.
On the "F1" there was another posting asking to add in more different types of faces, at
So go on, impress you friends, pop along to the URL above save all the faces and send your friends a surprise HTML with moving faces in your Email.