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    A Cri de Coeur from a neighbour who was obliged to disconnect and move his computer to permit installation of new carpet. I doubt that there is a connection, but now the computer, a 466 Celeron running Windows ME, runs OK, but the mouse pointer is obstinately frozen in the centre of the screen.

    I tried in safe mode to see if I could get into settings and did a step through boot to check that the mouse driver was loading and noted MSMouse OK.

    He has a selection of mouse (mice?), both serial and the small colour coded (green) round plug (DIN?). None will budge the pointer.

    He also has a lot of progs in his start-up group, most of which he doesnít know what they are or what they do. Among them I note MS Messenger that gave me a lot of strife. Maybe a conflict?

    Given that the mouse driver seems to be installed and running, Iím stumped. If anyone can suggest a remedy - most grateful.

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    the little green ones are PS/2 connectors. This may be a really dumb thing to say, and I hope i[m not insulting your intelligence, but are you plugging them into the right place? You're not plugging the ps/2 mouse into the ps/2 keyboard socket or anything?
    Possibly something inside the case has been dislodged during the move? Maybe open up the case and make sure that all the cards and plugs are seated in their slots and sockets properly.
    I wouldn't think that it is actually a windows problem... much more likely straight hardware related. Shouldn't be anyhting to do with messenger

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    Graham Petrie

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    The green plug is likely to be a PS/2 plug. I am having the same problems with my PS/2 mouse after installig a CD burner (see this thread)

    Try a USB mousew if you have one.

    G P

    P.S. I am assiming that it is plugged in properly??

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    hmmmmm curious, my mouse will ocaisionally do the same thing at random times and only a reboot will fix the problem. Its only the icon itself that freezes as I can move the mouse and click on various things by pure guess work but the pointer icon stays where it has stuck. I have tried different mice including optical and ball to no avail, updating drivers and clean minimum installs of the os haven't solved the problem. I have ample RAM at times of lockup and resources are good.
    1.4g amd athlon with 512mb ram running ME and ps2 mouse/s and a cd burner

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    Carol T

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    I have also had this problem of the mouse cursor just freezing on the screen no matter how i slide the mouse around. I use a Microsoft Cordless Wheel mouse. I discovered my problem was that the batteries loosen in the mouse. All I do now if this happens is take the cover off the batteries and wiggle and press them in tight and replace the cover. These mice need batteries changed when the cursor no longer moves as rapidly as the mouse action - as this is the first indication of the batteries unresponsiveness follows soon after, otherwise.

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    Graham Petrie

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    My problem was answered kindly by SonikAlien in my own thread. I simply had to reboot, and then reinstall the mouse drivers. I don't think this will fix your problem however.

    I will run through a vouple of things to try or think about to see if they will help solve the problem, or lead you to your own solution.

    1 - find one of the PS/2 mice in another PC to ensure it is not a fault with the mouse itself. You shouyld then put all the other ones aside and focus on getting this one working.

    2 - Plug the mouse in and reboot the PC. If the mouse is still not working, try installing the mouse drivers incase they are corrupted or not installed. You can do this using the keyboard - it is a little tricky, but possible.

    Press the windows button, and then use the arrow buttons to navigate to control panel. Press enter to open Control Panel. Now press tab untill the one of the icons is selected and then use the arrow keys to select the add hardware icon and press enter.

    You should now be able to navigate the add hardware wizard using combinations of tab, enter and arrow keys to add your mouse. (You seem fairly computer literate, so I won't give detailed instructions - if you want them, just ask).

    Now reboot just to make sure.

    OK done that? Still not working?

    3 - Press the windows and "r" at the same time to open the run dialog. Type msconfig and press enter. Press the down arrow once and press enter. Reboot.

    This will disable all startup items. If the mouse still doesn't work, post back and I will try something else.

    G P

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    Graham L

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    The cursor "stuck" at the centre of the screen is not showing a "frozen" mouse. It means that the OS is receiving no input at all from the mouse.
    That "probably" means that the driver is not working.

    I'm not an Windows expert: does the newer Windows have a mouse setup thing comparable to the Mouse page on the Control Panel in W95? That had a panel to test the buttons, and motion detection.

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    You are not going to believe this, but my neigbour rang me this morning and said that he had phoned his brother-in-law in the States who spoke with a knowledgeable friend in New Jersey and they talked him through a process that eventually restored mouse functionality! He wasn't too clear what it was all about, but it involved unplugging the mouse and rebooting several times.

    I'll see him during the week and try to find out what he did. He could tell me clearly over the phone. Sounds like he rebooted till Windows found new hardware and reinstalled the driver. Maybe. :-)

    My thanks to everyone who responded and in such detail - but that's what I have come to expect fropm F1 - it's like a brotherhood - Whoops, sorry - perhaps I mean 'fellowship' - that should take care of both genders?

    Many thanks...

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    Default Re: Mouse frozen

    Is your friend in New Jersey named Soprano by any chance? How does unpluging the mouse and rebooting help. How does it find a driver for something that is not connected

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