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    Default Tables in HTML

    I have the following HTML code to create a couple of side by side cells and was hoping someone could tell me where I have gone wrong. In IE 5+, Mozilla and Konqueror this gives me a grey cell on the left hand side and a larger white cell on the right. For some reason the grey cell doesn't appear in Netscape.

    Clues for the clueless appreciated.

    <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" height="700">
    <td bgcolor="#888888" align="left" width="13%" height="700">
    <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="left" width="87%" height="700">

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    Netscape has a few bugs...

    If a small grey cell and large white cell is what you're after, then congrats. The only thing I would do is remove the height from the <td> sections since you have already specified them in the <table> tag.

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    Sam H

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    What version of netscape is it not displaying properly?

    As I don't have netscape to test the code out on, I posted your message on an HTML board to see what the Web design experts had to say. You can view it here;num=80170

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    Netscape traditionally doesn't render a table cell with nothing in it.

    Alter your code to this:
    [pre]<td bgcolor="#888888" align="left" width="13%" height="700"></td>[/pre]

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    Ah ... bugger; that space is supposed to be a non-breaking space character, the forum won't let me display it as code so .....

    where you see "Insert non-breaking space here" should have:
    & n b s p ;
    with no spaces in it, but I'm sure you know that anyway

    <td bgcolor="#888888" align="left" width="13%" height="700">"Insert non-breaking space here"</td>

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    Default Re: Tables in HTML

    Thanks Soni, Antzman and Sam for the help. I'll make the mods and see what transpires.

    I have also checked your link John and there is a mention of non standard table height and nothing wrong in 4.7. Rather strange as I was checking in Netscape Communicator 4.79 and I found it to be harder with loose code than the other three browsers.

    Thanks again!

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