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    John Boy

    Default B*****r I have stuff up and need help

    I was having trouble connecting to my ISP and got the message that it could not connect to remote computer. Go to into control panel and click on Network. dial up adapter and remove driver and re instal it. What I did was remove my dial up adapter. How do I get it back please. sometime ago I downloaded a program that saved all my drivers to floppy disc . Dial up adapter is on that disc. If that is what I need how do i get it back to where it belongs.

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    (I'm doing this by memory, as it's different in Windows XP which I'm using... I'm presuming you're using Win9x/ME)
    Go back into the Network settings and click on "Add", and in the new window click on (I think) "protocol" (if not, try the others). In the new dialogue look through the options for "Dial-up-adapter" and click okay through to close all the windows. You'll be asked for your Windows CD, so insert it and click OK, then you'll probably need to restart your computer.

    Once this is done, Dial-up-adapter should be back in your network settings.

    I hope this is right - it's been a while since I've looked at it on an older Windows.


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    John Boy

    Default Re: B*****r I have stuff up and need help

    Thanks Mike. It was actually microsoft that I had to click on then that brought up dial up adapter. It had me going there for a while.

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    Default Re: B*****r I have stuff up and need help

    so it worked okay then? my mind's a bit rusty, but obviously not that rusty


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    Default Re: B*****r I have stuff up and need help

    In Win9x, normally you install the Dial Up Adapter by installing Dial Up Networking...

    Go to Control Panel > Add-Remove Programs > Windows Set-up tab and highlight the 'Communications options. Click the 'Details' button and put a tick next to 'Dial Up Networking'. Click apply / OK and reboot the computer when instructed to do so.

    When done, you will find that the Dial-Up Adapter has returned to the Network Properties. You may need your Win9x cd-rom to do all this, btw.

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