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    Can you tell me how to copy a group address to the body of a new message?
    I can copy an individual address from the address list to a new message (Address Book - Highlight email address - Right Click - Copy - New Message - Paste) but when I try to copy a group address using the same procedure, I can only get the previous individual address copied, won't copy the group adddress. Any clues?
    I am using Windows 98, Word 7, IE6


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    Chris Wilson

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    i hope you are making sure that the "bulk" addresses go into the "BCC" feild, so as to avoid spammers and viri harvesting your friends addresses.....
    Lecture aside, the only info you didn't give, it what email prog you are using. One assumes that it is Outlook Express, in which case you have the same set up as i have on my 'doze machine

    Click on the "to" Button on your new message
    this should open a list of your adresses

    Click ONCE on the list(s), to highlight it, then press "bcc" bang.. yer list of contacts has there addresses in the blank copy part of the form (so no-one but the ISP's can see them)

    You will have to put one name in the "to" field, to avoid stupid error notices. I usually put my own address there, as spammers/viri receiving the forwarded bulk email will already see that anyway.

    hope this sorts it for you

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    Hi Alan.

    I am using Win 98 and Outlook Express 5.0

    I tried what Chris said, but clicking ONCE on the list(s) did not highlight the whole list for me.

    If you have the same problem, try clicking on the topmost name on the list to highlight it, then WHILST HOLDING DOWN SHIFT, click on the last name. You will find that the whole list will be selected. After that, follow what Chris said to complete the task.

    Chris, thanks for the posting, I found out some things that were new to me also.

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