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Thread: Monitor Prob's

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    Default Monitor Prob's

    This one’s got me!

    Twice recently wife’s computer has started up with the monitor all pretty stripes!

    Yes, just like Sky has hijacked it and not decoded the signal, or, in TV terms, loss of horizontal hold.

    An interesting symptom is when the fault is on, the Monitors ‘Power On” light, (beside the Monitors On/Off switch) is off???

    The Monitor’s a Compaq 14 inch.

    The relationship between the power on light and horizontal hold eludes me. :8}

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    Sam H

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    Not too sure if this is what you are meaning, but I found this link you might want a read of. you will need a pdf viewer to view it.

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    Yes Sam, that's the symptoms.

    Definitely Horizontal hold.

    Quite why the power on light is off, whilst the fault is on, eludes me still.



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    Terry Porritt

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    Maybe there is a loss of video signal, when this happens the power light usually turns to amber from green, but with an older Compaq, maybe it just goes off.
    The loss of video signal is probably occurring at a fault within the monitor, rather than the video card.

    Have you tried the monitor on another computer, and/or another monitor on the computer? That would be the way to go to help diagnosis.

    If Billy T is around he will probably pin-point the problem.

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    Thanks Terry,

    Can anyone tell me if the monitor receives any sync pulses from the video card?



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    Billy T

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    Hi Bob

    Yes it does. If the video card did not "talk" to the monitor it wouldn't know what refresh rate to use or what horizontal scan frequency was required.

    Check the monitor on another computer, and also have a look to make sure pin 13 of the plug on the end of the lead from the monitor is not bent over or pushed back into the plug. (When looking at the ends of the pins with the narrow edge of the plug downwards, pin 13 is the middle pin of the bottom row)

    Failing that, your monitor may be faulty, but try another monitor on your PC first before you decide that is the problem.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Thanks for that Billy,

    I thought that would be the case but wasn’t sure.

    If it had valves and was black and white I wouldn’t of had to ask, but these days geeeeeez they come up with some clever tricks.

    As an example, in my day the power on light was just that, end of message! Now days the sods change colours and even go out with the power on. Talk about push their luck with us old fossils.

    At the moment within the household I have two computers, one television, and one video unit all with intermittent faults! Every time the faults on and I’m all emotionally prepared to do it a mischief, it returns to it’s best behaviour! Grrrrrrr.

    Never mind, it all good fun isn’t it?



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