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    Hi guys i'm looking for a device for the boss at the company i'm working for.

    Here's what i need.

    The company has a parent server in the UK which hosts email server as well. They are on exchange server using outlook to get their emails. The emails come directly from the UK server. Anyway the boss travels alot and she uses a dialup account to log on to the UK server whenever she's in overseas. The dialup itself is managed by a company called Equant, they look after Amersham health around the world (the company i'm working for). The dialup is not a normal dialup, it uses token which generates random numbers every 30secs so that the PPP dialup can identify users. Now the boss doesn't like carrying her laptop around when ever she wants to check her emails. What we're after is a device which will give her access to emails by using outlook or similar email client, internet access, friendly interface and easy to use. We're not sure yet if this dialup from Equant will work since the dialup program that we're using to get access to emails is made by Equant. I'm thinking this software has to be able to install on windows CE if we're going with handheld pc or maybe it will just work with normal dialup that comes with the device.

    I'm just looking for suggestion on the device. Please name as many as you can.

    Thank you.

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    I use a Toshiba e570 handheld, Windows 2002. It has a stripped down Outlook and dials up to pop3 OK, I use it overseas.

    I would think you will probably need to write your own token generating software for W2002 though, doubt its available off the shelf.

    The Toshiba has all usual MS apps (word/excel) but not *that* user friendly, its MS afterall.

    I use IR to mobile for access, but you can get CF modems (Toshiba has both CF and SD slots, I currently use CF for extra 256 Mb ram)

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    thanks for the idea. i will look into it..

    please feel free to leave a comment.

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