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    Default Deleting Downloaded Program Files

    Hi, in windows there is a folder called downloaded program files..which has things like plugins for viewing web pages mine there are some plugins that show as "Damaged", when i right click on the and select remove it says "cannot remove as file may be in use etc" do i actually delete these damaged plugins?

    help appreciated

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    what is the plugins? the java (1.3) fir eg always says damaged.

    i'm assumeing of course you are useing windows as you didn't say........

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    Hi tweak'e

    I just spotted this posting and as I have one that says "damaged" thought I'd check with you

    I'm running Windows 98SE and have IE6 The damaged one I have says:

    Internet Explorer Classes for Java

    Version 5,0,2614,3500

    I've tried updating it but nother happens. Can this be deleted? It's been there for sometime, so I guess it's not actually doing anything - good or bad. Just curious really.


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